With two courses boasting tremendous facilities in separate locations—one central and the other outside of Halifax—Ashburn offers a wide variety of membership options. Eastern Canada’s only truly private golf experience, Ashburn is the perfect place to perfect your game, either on our challenging classic Old Course, or try your luck against the championship-length New Course. With practice facilities at both courses—including a new practice area at the Old Course—Ashburn provides a great opportunity to work on your game even when you don’t have the time to sneak in 18 holes.

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For more information on membership, contact, Barbara Jessome - Director of Communications and Membership at bjessome@ashburngolfclub.com


Gold Membership

Ashburn offers full membership (Gold), and a couple’s membership where the spouse can join at a reduced cost. Gold members have full access to all of Ashburn’s facilities at its two courses, as well as access to its extensive club reciprocal program.

Gold Spousal Members: Partners of existing members that at one time paid a full playing entrance fee can now join Ashburn for a reduced entrance fee of $2,500. Gold member's partners are entitled to all playing privileges of the club.  Please note we are using CRA's definition of Spouse and Common-law partner to define Partner.

Junior Program

Ashburn has a very active program for golfers between the ages of 10 and 18, with more than 200 golfers in this age group participating in the club. Ashburn has been engaged with junior and amateur golf throughout the history of the club, and provides significant teaching and training opportunities for new golfers, as well as those playing competitively. The program is led by Jeff MacDonald, the 2014 and 2015 PGA Atlantic Canada Teacher of the Year, who also heads up the Nova Scotia Golf Association’s provincial team.

Juniors may play at the following times:

Both Courses—weekdays after 9 am

Old Course—weekends and holidays after 1 pm

New Course—weekends and holidays after 2 pm

Practice facilities both courses—weekends and holidays after 1 pm Juniors age 7 to 9 may play with a parent who is a member on Thursday, Saturday, and Sunday after 6 pm.

For more information on our Junior Program, click here.

Copper Membership – 2017 Trial Year

Copper memberships are restricted to existing Social, transitioning out of Intermediate and new members aged 31 to 45. Copper members can play in club tournaments.

Capped at 50, Copper members have the following playing restrictions at both courses: New Course and Old Course, no playing privileges until 2 p.m. on weekdays, weekends and holidays.

Intermediate Program

With a large Intermediate program, Ashburn has a tremendous amount to offer golfers between the ages of 19 and 30. Intermediate student members must attend school or university full-time. Intermediates are able to play either course, except between the hours of 12 pm and 2 pm on weekdays.

Social and Non-resident Members

Social and Non-resident members have unrestricted access to the clubhouse facilities for social and business purposes, as well as to social functions hosted by the club. Social membership is available to those on the waiting list for golfing memberships. Non-resident membership is only available to individuals who live outside Nova Scotia.


Ashburn has reciprocal agreements with six golf courses—five in Canada and one in Florida—that offer exceptional value for full playing members who wish to golf while travelling. Ashburn playing members play for free, and can bring guests who will pay the club’s guest rate.

  • Bayview Golf and Country Club (Toronto)
  • Beaconsfield Golf Club (Montreal)
  • Point Grey Golf and Country Club (Vancouver)
  • The Glencoe Golf and Country Club (Calgary)
  • The Royal Ottawa Golf Club (Ottawa/Gatineau)

The arrangement with Plantation Golf and Country Club (Venice, Florida) operates differently. Ashburn members must book their own times three days prior to the golf day.


Membership Category

2017 Annual Dues

Entrance Fee Full Payment

Entrance Fee
Two-Year Option

Entrance Fee
Three-year Option


No restrictions on play
$2,500.00 $1,666.67

Gold Member's Partner

No restrictions on play
Must reside at the same address.



See note 2

Gold Couple

No restrictions on play

$5,246.00 $7,500.00 $3,750.00 $2,500.00

Intermediate, 19 - 30 yrs

No play 12 - 2 pm weekdays
$1,250.00 $834.00

Student Intermediate - 19 - 30 yrs

No play 12 - 2 pm weekdays Student ID required
$1,250.00 $834.00

Copper - 31 - 45 yrs

No play before 2 p.m.
$1,250.00 $834.00

Junior, 10 - 18 yrs

No play before 9 am 
No play before 2 pm on weekends and holidays

Social, age 31+


See note 5


Social, age 30 & under


See note 5



Must reside outside Nova Scotia


See note 5

$2,500.00 $1,666.67

Green Fees:

Old Course $75.00 + $11.25 = 86.25

New Course: $85.00 + $12.75 = 97.75


1. All prices quoted are subject to 15% HST.

2. Partner's entrance fee must be made in one payment.

3. There is a Minimum Food & Beverage charge (before tax & gratuity) for the following categories: Gold/Partner $450 each, Gold Couple $450 each, Intermediate/Copper $300 & Student Intermediate $150 and $100 for Social members over 30, which must be charged to your account October 31 each year.

4. The practice facility, club cleaning and storage, and pull cart privileges are included in your dues for the playing categories.

5. Social/Non-Resident members are entitled to play six times per year paying a green fee each time. For a reduced green fee you can purchase a book of six tickets for $350 + HST; however, the tickets must be used in the year that they are purchased. For $600 + HST you will receive six green fee tickets plus use of the Practice Facility with the exception being on Weekends/Holidays before 12 noon.

6. Electronic caddies and personal pull carts can be stored for a fee at either Pro Shop.

7. There is a $15 compulsory fee for all playing ladies for the Women's Division operating expenses.